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Step up Your Game with Big & Tall Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Whether you want to work out, go out, or lay around, a big and tall hoodie or sweatshirt is what you want to wear. With a range of sizes, fits, and styles, JCPenney has one for almost every occasion.

Hoodies for More Body Types

Though hoodies run larger than other clothing because they're supposed to fit loose, many people can't find the right size hoodie because the sizes simply don't run big enough. A hoodie that leaves your wrists exposed or doesn't fit your shoulders isn't comfortable. One that's too short, or with a hood that's too small, just won't keep you warm.

Find zip-up and pullover hoodies perfect for keeping you warm in fall and early spring at JCPenney. Your favorite brands like IZOD, the Foundry, and Adidas accommodate a wider range of sizes, from large to 6XL, with many tall length options. When you're looking for the perfect workout hoodie or lounging hoodie, it's at JCPenney.

When to Wear a Sweatshirt

Workout gear is now a fashion statement, and some of your sweatshirts are downright fashionable to wear out. Sweatshirts that look like workout gear, especially those from fitness brands, are in style to wear as tops, whether you're going off to the store or to hang out with friends in the evening. You can go with the classic black or gray, or try branching out with blue, green, or red. You'll be way more comfortable than the fellows who opted to wear button-down shirts. Plus, if the sweatshirt is in good repair and you're wearing jeans and nice shoes, you'll look just as put together.

Of course, hoodies are perfect in their traditional settings: yard work and the gym. The big and tall sweatshirts at JCPenney are versatile. Get a few plain ones, either zip-up or pullover, for your everyday pursuits, too.

Try Short-Sleeve Hoodies for Outdoor Sports

Sometimes a long-sleeve hoodie is a little too warm, but you still want to wear a hoodie for comfort and for a little bit of heat. That's where short-sleeve hoodies come in. These have cropped sleeves or are sleeveless, and are perfect for keeping your core warm while letting your arms breathe.

You may find the best outfit for playing sports outdoors in cooler weather is a short-sleeve hoodie. The sweat that accumulates on your arms will evaporate quickly, cooling you off as you play. Your core will stay warm, thanks to the hoodie and your body heat, keeping you from being uncomfortable due to the outdoor chill. These hoodies are the solution to pulling off and putting on a hoodie because you can't find the right temperature for your outdoor exercise. Browse the JCPenney collection of big and tall hoodies. Discover just how versatile a simple hoodie can be.

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