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Message and data rates may apply. Up to 8 msgs/month from 527365 to the mobile number you provide. Signup is not required to purchase goods or services. Text HELP for help and STOP to cancel.

terms + conditions

  • Yes, I want to receive promotional text alerts from jcpenney at the mobile number I provided, including coupons, advertisements, events, polls, give-aways, sweepstakes and contests, downloads and information alerts from jcpenney. I understand that I am not required to provide my consent as a condition of purchasing any goods or services.

    Message and data rates may apply from your mobile provider. You will receive a confirmation text message that you must reply to with the requested keyword to complete registration.

    By entering and submitting enrollment information above, you agree to receive automated promotional text alerts from jcpenney including up to 8 SMS messages per month (plus additional in-store messaging if WiFi is activated). You further agree that jcpenney may use location information (such as GPS data) from your mobile phone when you are in or near a jcpenney store and send you additional automated promotional text alerts based on location. Prices mentioned in the promotional text alerts may vary in Alaska and Puerto Rico. You also affirm that you are 18 years of age or older, are authorized to agree to receive promotional text alerts on this phone number and are responsible for any mobile message or data rates incurred. By replying the requested keyword to complete registration, persons 15 to 17 years of age are confirming parental consent to enroll their number in promotional text alerts except where restricted by state law. To opt out, reply STOP to any message or text STOP to 527365 (JCP365). Please note that texting STOP to 527365 will always result in an opt-out confirmation text to be sent to your phone. You will not receive any messages from jcp promotional text alerts thereafter, unless you explicitly text STOP, HELP, JOIN or other advertised keywords connected to the program. For help, reply HELP to any message or text HELP to 527365 (JCP365) or call 1.800.322.1189 or email

    List of supported carriers as of July 2013. Carriers subject to change. AT&T, T-Mobile®, Verizon Wireless, U.S. Cellular, Sprint, ACS Wireless, Alltel, Bluegrass Cellular, Boost, Cellcom, Cellular One, Cincinnati Bell Wireless, Cricket, Cross, Element Mobile, EpicTouch, GCI Communications, Hawkeye, Inland Cellular, Keystone Wireless (Immix/PC Management), Maximum (AKA Max/Benton/Albany), Metro PCS, Nex-Tech Wireless, nTelos, Peoples Wireless, Pioneer, Plateau, Revol Wireless, Thumb Cellular, Union Wireless, United Wireless, Virgin Mobile.


jcp mobile alerts FAQ

  • How to I stop alerts?

    To stop jcpenney mobile alerts just send a text with the word "STOP" to JCP365 (527365). You'll receive one follow-up text message to confirm your request. Please allow up to five business days to process your request.

  • How can I get answers to my questions about mobile alerts?

    Send a text message that start with the word "HELP" along with the question, to JCP365 (527365). We try to answer questions within 72 hours. If you need an answer faster, you may also call our jcpenney Customer Service line at 1.800.322.2289.

  • How much do mobile alert costs?

    jcpenney mobile alerts are free! But your mobile provider might charge messaging and data charges; check you mobile plan for details. jcpenney is not responsible for any messaging or data charges incurred by subscribers who sign up for the mobile alerts program.

  • What are the requirements of participating in mobile alerts?

    You must be at least 18 years of age to sign up for jcpenney mobile alerts, be authorized to enroll the mobile phone number in program, and authorized to incur any mobile message or data charges. Customers aged 15 to 17 may participate in mobile alerts with parental consent except where restricted by state law.

  • What kind of informations will be in the alerts?

    jcpenney will send you SMS and/or MMS messages that include advertisements, coupons, events, polls, give-aways, downloads and information. If you're a member of the JCPenney Rewards program, you may also receive reward redemption codes if your Mobile Alert registration matches the info in your JCPenney Rewards membership profile.

  • Can I use WiFi and Bluetooth?

    jcpenney may offer free WiFi access in some jcpenney stores. Customers who register for free WiFi access may receive store-based text messages when connected to the jcp Wireless network. Consent to receive SMS messaging while in the store is a term of accessing free WiFi through the jcpenney network.