Black History Month

Black Americans and their allies Lasting change isn’t achieved alone. Celebrate the Black designers and  artists who inspire unity  through their work. view collectionView the Collection  BannerHouston WhiteDan houstonSynthia Saint James
Wow your wall  Culture in every corner: Display the power  and beauty of Black experiences.

Exclusive Black History Month Collection at JCPenney

The Black History Month collection at JCPenney is intended to reflect pride in African American History and optimism toward the future. The curated collection will include apparel, hair products, makeup, and home decor by renowned black designers and artists. It's such a wonderful way to remind people of the many positive contributions African Americans have made throughout history. To help you make the most out of this celebration, JCP Live will feature links to help you shop the items featured in the videos for each designer.

Featuring Influential Black Designers and Artists

During the celebrations, you will be able to see the many positive contributions made by notable male and female African-American figures throughout history. Works of many designers and artists, such as Houston White, Synthia Saint James, and Dan Houston, will be available.

Look for the "Be the Change" apparel - T-shirts, graphic t-shirt, hoodie, men's, and women's clothing by Houston White. Don't miss out on the bold and splendid canvas art collection of world-renowned artists Synthia Saint James and Dan Houston. Browse through our large selection of products at JCPenney, we're sure you'll find something you love!

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