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Brighten up Your Wardrobe with a Red Sweater

If you're trying to add a little color to your wardrobe, consider a red sweater. These sweaters not only keep you warm, they look great for work or play. There are a variety of shades when you're considering red sweaters, as well as styles, brands, and options. Make sure to check out the red sweaters available at JC Penney to find something great for your closet.

Red Sweater Styles

Are you looking for a crew neck sweater? There are several styles of crew neck options to choose from. You can even get a crew neck or round neck sweater with a cold shoulder style. The cold shoulder style is popular and looks great.

Another great option to add to your wardrobe is a v-neck pullover sweater. Get your v-neck in red to help you stand out in a crowd. V-neck sweaters are comfortable and look great whether you're heading in to the office or out on the town.

Another popular option for a red sweater is the cardigan. This helps keep you warm when the weather gets cold. On top of that, you have so many layering options when you choose a cardigan that you'll never run out of style choices. Layer your red cardigan with a white or black t-shirt or tank top to create a stylish look that you'll love. One of the best things about cardigans is you can find them in several styles, from a multi-layered drape cardigan to a warm, simple cardigan with pockets.

Wearing Your Red Sweater

For some, wearing a red sweater is a bold choice. If you're trying to shake up your wardrobe, a red sweater is the perfect option. When layering a red sweater or cardigan, consider wearing a complementary single-color top. This helps accentuate the color of your sweater and set off your style.

Depending on the sweater you choose, you can wear it with jeans, dress pants, or even a skirt for the office. It all comes down to making sure the styles of your top and bottom look great together.

Shades of Red

One of the best things about finding a red sweater is that you can choose from a large variety of shades. When you shop red sweaters at JC Penney, there are color choices including Cabaret Red, Burgundy Rose Wine, Madeira Wine, and Fiery Red. Whether you're looking for a bright, flaming red or you want a deep purplish-red, you'll find exactly what you want.

Shopping at JC Penney allows you to choose from a huge variety of styles, colors, sizes, and more. Find the brands you love in the style you need. With so many options, you're sure to find the perfect red sweater.