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Comfy and Cool in Women's Hoodies

Does your closet need to be updated with some unbeatable casual womenswear? Classic comfort meets modern cool in women's hoodies. These casual pieces are great for running errands around town, hanging with your girls on the weekend, or cheering on the kids at their soccer games.

Many Styles to Choose From

The only thing that defines hoodies is hoods — beyond that, the sky is the limit. Classic hoodie sweatshirts are always a favorite. Snuggle up in a fleece hoodie that will keep you warm when the temperature drops; buy one with a roomy pocket where you can rest your hands and store all your essentials. Opt for a thinner hoodie sweatshirt to keep the chill at bay on those breezy summer evenings at the beach.

Zippered hoodies are a convenient option. Throw one on over your T-shirt when you have to make a quick run outside or when you want something that's easy to throw on over your tank top.

There are many colors from which to choose. Keep things basic with a neutral color such as gray or black, or make a statement in eye-popping hues like red, green, or coral. Search through hoodies to find one with a graphic print that lets you express your personal style. Some hoodies come with fun accents to give even more life to your style. They might have funky metal eyelets, cool laces, sheer inserts, or a layered look. The possibilities are endless!

Make Hoodies Part of Your All-Year Wardrobe

Not all women's hoodies have long sleeves. Some have short sleeves, making them perfect for warm weather activities when you still want a hood to protect you against a light spring drizzle. Others are completely sleeveless, giving you a modern and urban look that is great for ultra-casual occasions. No matter what season it is, you can find a hoodie to keep you fashionable and fabulously outfitted.

You might spend 40 hours a week in the office, or you might have a 24/7 job as a homemaker. Whatever your occupation, your wardrobe can't go without a few hoodies. Shop JCPenney's robust selection to discover styles that look and feel good. You'll find quality products at good prices when you get your penny's worth at JCPenney.