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Find Your Sassy with Flared Skirts

If you want to show your fun, flirty, sassy side, consider getting some flared skirts to add to your collection. If you've ever watched those dance movies where beautiful women twirl with their skirts floating freely around them, you know what these skirts can do. The height of the twirl will depend on the skirt itself. Some of the skirts are more conservative, staying pretty low, but all of them are fun to wear.

Maybe you need a skirt for a night out dancing or you want something to wear on a date. Whatever it is, you'll impress with these stylish skirts. The best part is they work so well on many body types. With flared skirts, you get the right amount of curves without showing off the flaws. It's a wonderful combination.

Lengths of Flared Skirts

With these skirts, you can find just the right length for you. The lengths range from a few inches above the knee all the way down to mid-calf. As you consider which you prefer, consider where you'll wear it. If it's for work, the best are knee-length or longer, depending on how conservative your work's dress policy is. For dates, you might want to go shorter, landing above or at knee length, especially if you want to emphasize your long legs. Add heels to really make the outfit pop.

Mid-calf skirts are perfect for conservative affairs like church, or if you just want a comfortable skirt to wear while relaxing with friends or family. It's a better option for some than shorts in the summer, keeping you cool during a heat wave. For an easy, relaxed look, pair the skirt with wedge sandals. Wedges are much easier on your feet than heels, while still giving you height.

Solids or Fun Patterns

When it comes to the color of the skirt, you could go more conservative with solid colors or have fun with patterns. Solid colors are best for work and easier to match blouses to, especially if you choose a more neutral color. Patterns bring out your flirty side, so choose those for fun nights out with friends or for a special occasion.

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