Maxi Dresses for Maximum Style

Maxi dresses are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Pick up a floral design and add a jean jacket for a cheerful vibe. Or grab a free-flowing, ankle length maxi dress and cinch it with your favorite belt for that elegant, graceful look. JCPenney has maxi dresses in a variety of styles and lengths including long, short, mid-calf to suit every woman. Maxi dresses with sleeves are also a popular look, adding an extra bit of flair to your sense of fashion. Add to your collection with any basic maxi dress and layer up to add style and express your individuality.

The Dress Every Woman Should Own

The maxi dress is the latest essential to every woman's wardrobe and a great alternative to jeans when you're in the mood to mix things up. Slip on a comfortable maxi dress for your morning school run or finish errands in style. When it's time to go to lunch with friends, add a cute jean jacket with ballet flats for that effortlessly chic look. The maxi dress even works for the office. Top your maxi dress with a loose blazer or a fitted cardigan to add that professional flair. Maxi dresses also make for great church dresses, for more formal occasions, and cold shoulder dresses for breezy days.

Make a Statement, Leave an Impression

JCPenney maxi dresses are the perfect staple for women of all body types and for all budgets. Whether you prefer your maxi dresses long, short or somewhere in between, this flowing style brings your style to the next level without even trying. Do you want to mix things up a little? Add a sweater and a scarf for a cool bohemian look. Or when crisp temperatures approach, add a faux leather jacket and a pair of matching boots. Maxi dresses and the right accessories make for the ideal fashion statement.

Printed Dresses are More Fun

Printed maxi dresses offer a dazzling alternative for casual Fridays or any other day of the week. Wear a printed maxi dress with a pair of chunky heels for an afternoon concert with friends, or mix it up with a pair of textured tights and lace-up boots for an edgy vibe. JCPenney offers exclusive, printed maxi dresses in a variety of sizes and designs to fit individual style with ease.

A Casual Dress for Relaxed Fashionistas

Casual maxi dresses are the perfect choice for stylish, fashion-conscious women who seek comfort without sacrificing style. There are great ways to wear your casual maxi dress. For the soccer mom who needs to move freely on the field, a maxi dress can be worn with a cute pair of sneakers and a button-up shirt cinched in a topknot at the waist. For the fashion maverick, she can slip into a casual maxi dress, add her favorite mules and be ready to grab a bite to eat in no time and still make a statement. Casual maxi dresses are available for all women who want to make their presence known without busting the budget.

A Sweeping Look

Long maxi dresses flow gracefully and bring a sophisticated air to every woman. Who couldn't benefit from the lengthening, lean silhouette of the right maxi dress? Long maxi dresses can work on every body type and shape and we carry a variety of waistlines and designs in affordable options. Long maxi dresses for women can be paired with jackets and boots for an updated, layered look. Whatever your size or shape, long maxi dresses for women will add style to any woman's closet.

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