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Look Great in Wrap Dresses

From professional to sexy, wrap dresses provide you with lots of fashion options. The right wrap dress can be one of the most versatile items in your closet! A few accessories and a change of shoes will take a simple wrap dress in lots of new outfit directions.

Wrap dresses emphasize your natural waist with their wrap and tie structure. Not every wrap dress actually wraps and ties, but those that do give you some extra versatility in how you wear them. One reason so many women love wrap dresses is the control you end up with over the fit. Wrap and tie it tightly if you desire, or leave it loose so you have room to move around.

You'll see lots of wrap dresses emerging during spring. Such a fun, flirty style is wonderful to wear when the weather warms up and the sun stays out longer. Short-sleeved wrap dresses are great to wear during summer, too. Look for lightweight cotton varieties for the best comfort during the hottest days.

When to Wear Wrap Dresses

These versatile dresses work well as work clothes, weekend outfits, and evening wear. For transitional options that go from day to night easily, check out the wrap dresses in the Liz Claiborne collection. Solid colors, stripes, and attractive prints are all available, as are different sleeve and skirt lengths.

Short hemlines and tight wraps pair with sleeveless designs for beautiful evening options. Many of the form-fitting options have the draping of a wrap dress, but zip in the back or on the side instead so you get a perfect fit every time. Look for options with linings, like the dresses Bisou Bisou offers, so you can wear your wrap dresses all night comfortably.

Maternity Wrap Dresses

The structure of a wrap dress makes it a comfortable and convenient design for a maternity outfit. Find fashionable and comfortable wrap dresses for your pregnancy months at JC Penney. Brands like 24/7 Comfort Apparel add a bit of spandex to the dress fabric so it has some give and stretch. The pullover design ensures these dresses are simple to get on and off.

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