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Elegant and Sophisticated: Women's Trench Coats

You never look bad when you're dressed in a trench coat. They're a fashionable way to keep warm in the autumn chill and are perfect to dress up or down. Wear a trench coat over your work clothes, over a fancy dress, or over jeans and a sweater. With a variety of lengths, styles, and colors, you're sure to find the trench coat option that suits you at JCPenney.

Trench Coat Fashion Options Abound

Wear a trench coat classic by going for a double-breasted thigh-length coat with a waist tie. Collars that fold down or pop up are essential to trench coat wear, but remember that you can change how they look based on how you button the top part of the coat. A double-breasted coat with bold buttons in a deep color like blue or gray is something every woman should have in her closet.

A single row of buttons down the front is a traditional trench coat look. Though we may imagine women's trench coats as having two rows of buttons, many older coats from the Victorian era and before boasted just a single row. This simpler look is perfect for ladies who want the focus to be on the coat, not the buttons or the belt. Pair this kind of trench coat with boots you want to show off. It also looks very classy on coats that fall to your knees or below.

Fit and Care Are Essential

Remember that fashion is only one reason to choose a coat. You also need a coat that works for the season you plan to wear it in, with care instructions convenient to your lifestyle. Your fabric choices and wash instruction options change with each great coat J Penney offers. You'll discover coats that can handle the washing machine and coats that need to be dry-cleaned. Polyester, nylon, and cotton come together to create a range of textures from water-resistant to faux suede.

Find a variety of trench coat styles, colors, and fits at JCPenney. With so many options to choose from, you'll discover the perfect coat for the season. Keep warm, stay fashionable, and get a coat with versatility, pockets, and a look that perfectly fits your personal style.

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