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Dress to Impress with This Season's Peacoats for Women

Trendy women's peacoats have quite the interesting history: having first been worn by European sailors, these coats were then adopted by the U.S. Navy and finally popularized as an outerwear option for men and women everywhere. Given their origin, it's no surprise that these coats have retained their tailored, masculine shape. However, peacoats for women generally come with a cinched waist or a belt to create a more feminine silhouette.

A Style for Every Occasion

With their sharp tailored lines and distinctive buttons, peacoats really stand out amongst other outwear options, which often feature zippers and soft, quilted fabrics. The overall look is part vintage chic and part sophistication. If you're eager to try the look, a black peacoat for women is a good place to start. Black peacoats are neutral enough to match any outfit and stylish enough to wear to business meetings, special events like weddings, or for dinner at a fancy restaurant. Beige or gray peacoats are other great options. Since this style is not likely to go out of style anytime soon, making an investment into a neutral, fitted peacoat will pay off season after season.

Colored peacoats are also available for people who want something a little livelier. Wearing a bright or pastel peacoat is a fun way to add a hint of summer to your cold-weather wardrobe for casual events. If colored peacoats aren't your style, you can also enhance a neutral peacoat with a colorful scarf.

The Right Fit Matters

Since women's peacoats are meant to look crisp and tailored, it's very important to get the right fit for your body. Be sure to take accurate bust and waist measurements and compare to the size chart to ensure your coat will fit snugly yet comfortably. The coat should button fully and not feel overly stiff in the shoulders.

The length of the coat is another key factor to consider. For shorter women, look for short peacoats that end at the upper thigh or mid-length peacoats that end at the mid-thigh. A long peacoat for women almost resembles a trench coat and may be overwhelming on a small frame. On taller women, long peacoats lengthen the torso and are very flattering.

Staying Warm in Women's Peacoats

You shouldn't have to choose between style and function when picking your outerwear. Women's peacoats not only look fantastic, they're also made with cozy fabrics like wool to keep you warm. These coats also come with hidden snaps, zippers, or buttons along the front for extra protection from the cold winds.

Though women's peacoats with hoods are rather rare, most peacoats do come with large pockets perfect for storing your favorite hat, headband, or earmuffs. Bring along a pair of gloves or mittens too so you'll always be ready for an impromptu snowball fight! Scarves are another cold-weather accessory you'll want to keep handy for the chilliest days. Tuck the scarf into your coat for extra protection against the wind or drape it over your peacoat to add extra color.

Dressing appropriately for the approaching cold weather doesn't have to mean bundling up in a bulky, unflattering winter coat. Peacoats are pretty, functional, and available in a variety of shades and lengths to fit any body type.

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