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Shop Cute Women's Yoga Clothes

Athleisure wear has taken the fashion world by storm, and JCPenney is there for you with a vast assortment of affordable and stylish women's yoga clothes. Whether you're heading to the gym, working out at home, or running the kids to school, you'll find something that looks great and feels like a second skin.

Yoga Tops and Bottoms for Women

You'll discover a variety of women's yoga tops that include hoodies, tunics, t-shirts, cardigans, wraps, and women's sports bras to give you options that suit your lifestyle and personal needs. Adding to the comfort, JCPenney has a large selection of women's yoga pants in different colors, lengths, and styles, including slim cut, leggings, capris, and shorts.

Trendy Women's Workout Attire

With the kids heading back to school, fall is a great time to start a new workout program, and what better way to do that than with some fabulous looking clothes that move with you? All of the women's workout clothes at JCPenny are workhorses as you stretch and move throughout your routine. You'll be happy to know that the workout clothes from JCPenney are wash-and-wear. Do you do an intense workout? No sweat. Most of the fabric is moisture wicking, so you can keep the pace in comfort.

The Fashion and Versatility of Yoga Attire

You have an active lifestyle, and you need clothes that work with you, not against you. JCPenney offers workout clothes for women that are perfect for all activities. Whether you need to wear something comfortable for reaching the top shelf at the grocery store, or you have to have flexibility while chasing your toddler around the playground, any of the yoga clothes for women from JCPenney will come to the rescue.

It's easy to add any of the pieces to other items in your fall wardrobe. Wear a cute pair of yoga pants or stretchy yoga shorts with your favorite flowing tunic. Pull one of the yoga tunics over a pair of jeans for a sporty look. Most of the yoga t-shirts can be worked into a casual or business casual work ensemble. You don't have to save the yoga bras for workouts because they're comfortable enough to wear with everyday casual clothes.

You'll love the benefits of incorporating yoga wear into your everyday life. No longer will you have to change clothes in the office restroom if you want to go for a long walk during lunch. Simply slip on some sneakers and go. You can go straight from coffee with friends to the gym, so you'll save time and have extra room in your gym bag for other essentials.

Affordable Women's Workout Attire

You no longer have to spend a fortune on your workout clothes. All of the yoga pants, tops, and bras offered by JCPenney are affordable so every woman can look and feel great while engaging in a healthy, active lifestyle. Discover how convenient the yoga outerwear is during warm up, cool down, or simply heading outdoors.

Yoga pants and tops have significant stretch, so fit is rarely a problem, even on days when you're bloated. Once you experience the comfort and affordability of the yoga jackets and hoodies from JCPenney, they'll quickly become your favorite outerwear pieces that you grab on your way out the door this fall.

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