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Sleep in Style with Liz Claiborne Pajamas

Liz Claiborne pajamas offer the same attention to detail, style, form, and function as the workwear the line is famous for. Since the mid-70s, Liz Claiborne clothing has had the loyalty of millions of women by providing fashion forward designs for the modern woman, and her pajamas continue that tradition. Mix and match, or get a complete set! With Liz Claiborne pajamas, the possibilities are endless. Select from long sleeve, short sleeve, or sleeveless tops. Pick your favorite top and match it with the perfect bottoms. Choose from capris, long pants, or shorts. The colors and patterns these pajamas come in are beautiful! Strips, polka dots, swirls, and paisleys are just a few of the patterns you’ll find. The colors don’t disappoint either: pewter, ivory, Belize blue, and orchid, just to name a few. To get your perfect set of Liz Claiborne pajamas, check out the women’s department.

Bundle Up with Liz Claiborne Robes

Spa lovers, create the ultimate at-home spa experience with Liz Claiborne robes! Put on your mask, soak your feet in a warm foot bath, and turn on some relaxing tunes while wrapped in one of Liz’s fabulous robes. Draped in a super soft cotton-blend, you’ll feel like you’re wrapped up in a cloud. Liz Claiborne robes are the ultimate experience in luxury and comfort, whether you’re sleeping, relaxing around the house, or creating your own at-home spa vacation. The Claiborne name is synonymous with fashion forward designs and comfort for all of your wardrobe needs. To begin your luxury lounging, browse the women’s department for more fabulous Liz Claiborne robes.