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Curtain Holdbacks & Ties

Tired of your curtains and drapes never looking quite decorative enough? Adding curtain tie backs is a simple, quick solution to your decor woes. You'll find curtain tie backs that range from a simple hook design to a rope that holds the curtain back with no additional pieces. Be sure to search our large selection to find the best curtain tie backs for your home today! Check out this curtains and drapes buying guide to learn more about these window treatment accessories.

What is the difference between tie backs and holdbacks? Both curtain tie backs and holdbacks are used to secure curtains in an open position; however, they are not exactly the same. Tie backs are made out of soft materials, such as cord, rope, or fabric. Holdbacks, on the other hand, are fabricated out of hard materials like metal or wood.

What style should I choose? To choose the right curtain tie backs and holdbacks, look for something that will coordinate with the rest of the space. You can choose accessories in the same color as your window treatments or in a finish that coordinates with your curtain rod.