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Hang drapes in all your windows when you invest in the right curtain rods and hardware. Shop the affordable selection at JCPenney for your window decor needs.

From adjustable tension rods to double curtain rods with elegant finials, you'll find plenty of options to help you dress your windows in the selection at JCPenney. Whether you're redecorating an entire room or simply adding a valance to a kitchen window, start with the tips below to ensure you're selecting the right curtain hardware for your space.

Single curtain rods support one layer of drapes or curtains. They're an ideal choice when you want to add blackout drapes over installed blinds to cut down on the amount of sunlight entering your room. Single rods may also be the go-to option for adding a bit of color over naked windows or blinds

with sheer curtains.

Choose rods you install over or above the window if you want your curtains to sit over blinds or away from the window a few inches. Don't forget to invest in curtain brackets to hold the rod up. For dressing a naked window in one layer of drapes, you might consider the convenience of a tension curtain rod.

For more elaborate window decor that includes multiple layers of fabric, you may need double curtain rods. These are designed to hold two separate layers of drapes, so you can put curtains and a valance on one. You might also put light-blocking drapes over sheer curtains so you can pull back the layers to let as little or as much sun in as you desire.