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Get More Done in Less Time With Twinload Washers

Twinload washers allow you to wash two loads at one time, cutting down your laundry and saving your time for more important endeavors. Put a large load on the top and a second, smaller load in the bottom drawer washer and wash both loads at the same time. There is a wide range of size options to choose from, from smaller cubic feet capacities to larger model capacities with additional cubic feet provided for the second washer. You can find a model to fit any household's laundry needs.

Choose From a Wide Variety of Features

There are multiple features and technology options to choose from on each model. If you are looking for a wide range of functions and upgraded controls, you can find models with features to cut down your laundry time as well as drying time. There are even some available with the option to reduce your ironing time. Some models offer steam technology to freshen, disinfect, and remove wrinkles from clothes. Additionally, they offer a turbo wash technology that can save you up to 30 minutes per load while still providing the cleaning power you need. Dial-A-Cycle setting options provide for a wide range of laundry cycles, and choosing one is as simple as turning a dial.

Energy Efficiency Can Help You Save on Your Energy Bills

Choose from Energy Star rated choices that can lower your energy consumption per year. With energy-efficient models, you will be doing your part to help the environment while saving money on overall energy expenses that can add up to a significant amount throughout the year. Twinload washers can save you time, energy, and money with all the added convenience they have to offer.

Twinload Washers Add Style to Any Laundry Room

No matter your laundry room décor, you can find a twinload washer option to complement your style with a modern and sleek design. Like front loaders? There are multiple front-load options to choose from, including different door designs to fit with your aesthetic. If you prefer the traditional top-load models, you can find those too. Twinload washers also come in a variety of finishes to match your other household appliances.

Use the Various Cycle Settings to Clean Any Load

Washing delicates, sheets, bedding, jeans? No problem. Twinload washers have multiple cycles to be able to handle any load you may throw at them. You can choose from models with a few cycles or ones with many. Some of the most common settings available include delicates, heavy duty, steam, sanitary, bedding, anti-bacterial, low temp dry, jumbo dry, speed dry, and air dry.

Tackle any laundry project with twinload washers. You'll cut down on laundry time and get your household chores done quicker.

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