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History of the Trench Coat

The trench coat was first created during World War I when the Allies found their heavy overcoats weren't practical for the trenches. To avoid wearing heavy, muddy, and uncomfortable clothing, the soldiers started wearing waterproof coats.

These coats were shorter and more lightweight than overcoats, and they were also more practical; equipment could be attached to the belt with D rings, and the coat's upper back had a storm shield that helped repel rain. The khaki color was also useful for camouflage. Prior to the trench coat, British soldiers wore bright red uniforms.

While it's not known for sure which company invented the trench coat — Burberry and Aquascutum both take credit for its design — it's clear that it was named for its original use in the trenches.

Available Trench Coat Styles

JCPenney offers trench coats from the brands you love. For a traditional look, go for the black or tan twill trench coat. True to its origin, the fabric is water resistant. For a trench coat with a modern twist, get something in leather. It may have a zipper instead of the usual buttons, but it still has classic features like a belt and short lapels. Most importantly, it'll let people know not to mess with you!

Start shopping for a trench coat at JCPenney today. Whatever you find, you can rest assured that it will always be in style.

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