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Tall Women’s Tops: Perfect Fit and Perfect Price

Tall women’s tops in white go with every color combination known to humanity, and some of them can be dressed up or dress down. A white button down with a chic blazer and skirt is a very cute spring outfit. In the winter, simply wear tights under the skirt and knee boots to accommodate for the cold weather. Polk dot shirts remain extremely popular. Polka dot shirts come in a myriad of colors: black, orange, yellow, green, navy, and purple, just to name a few. These shirts look great with dress clothes and casual clothes alike. Be daring and mix your shirt with different patterns. You walk a fine line when it comes to mixing patterns together, but there is a way to wear mixed patterns without looking like a fashion tragedy. As long as you stick with complementary colors, you’ll have a killer outfit. Animal print tops can be hard to pull off, but the first rule of thumb is don’t overdo it. Head toe leopard, cheetah, or zebra can come off as overdone. Break it up by incorporating a solid colors. Rock a zebra print top with a pair of leather jeans in a solid color, and wear gold or red heels for a splash of color. An animal print sweater over a simple blouse or tank top adds a touch of quirkiness to a work outfit and works well for hanging out with your friends too. Explore the variety of tall women’s tops in the women’s department.

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