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Enhance Your Entertainment System With New Home Speakers

What makes a movie-viewing experience so wonderful or a song so captivating? Many items enhance your home entertainment system, and home speakers are the ideal addition. They offer an immersive sound that makes what you're seeing feel as though you're part of the scene, not just a passive observer. Do you want your sound system to match the vivid picture of your high-definition TV? These areas are some important features to think about when you're shopping for home speakers.

Compact Speakers Are Easy to Use

For multipurpose rooms, such as the family room where the TV and sound system may not be the center of attention, smaller is sometimes better. Compact speakers easily blend into your home decor and leave plenty of space for other family activities. You can place compact speakers on a bookshelf or atop other pieces of furniture. You can also attach ceiling speakers to higher spots in your home.

Get Realistic Sound With Tower Speakers

Do you want realistic sound that feels like a movie theater? Anchor your surround-sound system with floor-standing tower speakers. Their large acoustic compartments deliver powerful surround-sound effects that will make you feel like you’re part of the movie or video game. Tower speakers also improve the sound of your favorite music.

Don't Overlook a Center Channel Speaker

The center channel speaker delivers more than 50 percent of a movie's soundtrack, including nearly all the dialogue. This type of speaker keeps the sound anchored to the on-screen action. When thinking about a center channel speaker, consider the size of your other speakers. Small bookshelves match well with a small center channel, but if you're using tower speakers, then go for a large center channel speaker to match their powerful output.

What Do Front Left and Right Speakers Do?

Your front speakers broadcast music, speech, and special effects. Sound moves between the front left and right speakers in sync with the action on the screen. Bookshelf speakers, floor-standing speakers, and wall-mounted speakers all work well as front speakers for your entertainment system.

Surround Speakers Add Depth

Surround speakers usually remain beside or behind your seats. They produce ambient sounds such as wind movement or falling raindrops. Surround speakers also work with other home speakers to deliver spectacular sound effects such as a rushing locomotive's movement.

The Power of a Subwoofer

Film soundtracks offer a dedicated channel for deep bass that plays through a powerful subwoofer. The subwoofer provides specific sounds, such as explosions, with window-rattling robust punches that we all enjoy.

Home speakers are an important part of your home entertainment system. Shop JCPenney for speakers and all the electronics you need to create the ultimate home entertainment system.

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