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Make a Statement with our Big and Tall Socks

Looking good and feeling good start from the ground up with a pair of big and tall socks from JCPenney. These durable and versatile foot coverings cover a wide range of options in color and design.

The Scoop on Big and Tall Socks

When putting together a well-thought-out outfit for work or pleasure, choosing the right pair of big and tall socks is at the top of the list. Unlike the main pieces of your wardrobe that are clearly visible, socks are hidden gems that peek out throughout the day or evening and shout, "Look at me!"

Whether you choose to buy one pair or a multipack of socks, JCPenney has your feet covered from toe to ankle or toe to the calf. There are also socks that make no appearance. The sole job of no-show socks is keeping feet snug, warm, and protected without showing off their true colors past the top of the shoe.

Feet can be touchy, and they like what they like when it comes to soft material. With big and tall socks, you can choose from cotton, rayon, and combinations such as cotton, polyester, elastane, spandex, and nylon; polyester and spandex; and more. Each has its own benefits, from easy care to a moisture-free fit.

Make a fashion statement as well as a personal statement with big and tall socks. No longer is it necessary to wear a pair of solid color socks to an interview, a business dinner, or a special event. Liven up the affair with a pair of creatively designed socks. Choose to stand out wearing socks that are instant eye-catchers when displaying a checkered pattern, polka dots, multitoned stripes, sports emblems, and creative designs.

Add Individuality to Your Style

Color-wise, the sky's the limit with every color of the rainbow available. Step out in a pair of turquoise and white; pink, gray, and black; and bright red and blue. Even traditional solid colors are expanding their base with vibrant colors such as sunburst yellow and dark purple.

Like a great tasting cup of coffee that adds flavor to any meal, a pair of quality men's socks will enhance your attire. Business suits come to life with a pair of nontraditional socks showing off their individuality, while a pair of colorful athletic socks adds pizzazz to a workout or when playing your favorite sport.

Available with big and tall socks that add to overall comfort include socks made with a material that incorporates moisture-wicking technology. Additional features include socks with full cushioning for added support, arch compression to enhance the fit, breathability, and easy care.

Whether you're looking for dress socks, athletic socks, or crew socks, your feet will thank you when you shop at JCPenney for your next big and tall socks.

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