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The Art of Working from Home

In the wake of the current situation, many of us are working from home. Lots of people think it's all daytime TV and curling up on the sofa with your laptop, but in many ways, it's much harder than working from an office. Working from home is a real art. You need discipline and motivation. JCPenney is here to help you with all the essentials needed to create a well-constructed work environment, which can have a dramatic effect on your creativity and motivation. Amp up your office space with our wide range of products including computer desks, filing cabinets, office chairs, bookshelves and so much more.

One-Stop Solution for All Work from Home Essentials

To stay on track, spruce up your office area in your apartment. Working from home doesn't have to mean sitting on the couch with your laptop balanced on a book. You can quickly and easily set up a productive space. A comfortable computer desk and a office chair is all you need! You could also give your chair an extra layer of comfort by adding a cushion, and embrace a brighter setting by adding a desk light that mimics natural light while you’re indoors. For those who don't function without a cup coffee, shop from our range of coffee makers to keep your energy meter always high. You also never have to worry about echoes and noisy backgrounds during conference calls with our range of headsets. You could even pick up a speaker for those who need the calmness of music to keep them going during work.

Being comfortable is the key factor to work from home. But this doesn't have to stop you from being stylish. Give yourself a fresh new look for those unending video calls to keep your and your colleagues' spirits high. Pick from our range of apparel including cute women's tops plus stylish men's collared shirts, hair accessories, jewelry, and beauty products. You can also browse through the collection of tees and crisp shirts for a dapper look in the men's department. Whatever you need to make your work from home adventure easier, JCPenney has you covered.