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Personify a Laid-Back Lifestyle and Wear Men's Boat Shoes

No longer only worn by people who spend their time down by the docks and on fishing vessels, men's boat shoes are a perpetually popular footwear option. Whether you already have several pairs and just want a few new choices or are experimenting with these shoes for the first time, JCPenney has an enticing assortment to discover. St. John's Bay and Dockers are just two of the well-known brands we carry.

Turn Heads at Your Next Outdoor Gathering

One of the reasons why men's boat shoes are so popular is that they instantly make people think of relaxation and style simultaneously. Boat shoes certainly aren't stuffy but they're typically chosen by fashion-forward individuals who want to demonstrate that they care about how they look without going over the top.

Men's boat shoes work especially well for outdoor events like cookouts and baseball games. You'll find them in various colors to suit your style and mood. Maybe you'd prefer a basic shade of light brown to go with your favorite jeans or khaki shorts. On the other hand, perhaps you'd like a two-tone style featuring complementing colors on the same shoe.

Some of the footwear in our collection includes contrasting laces that are particularly noticeable against the shoe's base color. There are also styles with visible stitching around the edges. No matter which kinds you go with, you'll definitely make a strong impression.

A Cool Alternative to Sandals at the Beach

People who spend lots of time down by the water helped make boat shoes as popular as they are today. With that in mind, don't overlook wearing men's boat shoes the next time you need some beach footwear and want to wear something other than a pair of sandals. Wear men's boat shoes without socks and simply shake the sand out of them after spending some time sunning yourself on the shore.

These kinds of shoes also usually offer good traction. That means if you're walking on a damp wooden pier or some sand that isn't quite dry, you won't lose your footing. Find convenient lace-free styles too, if you'd rather not stop to tie or untie your laces.

No matter the occasion, JCPenney has men's boat shoes to match it. Start shopping today.

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