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Help Your Kids Stay Active With Adidas Kids Shoes

Summer is just around the corner, which means that kids of all ages can't wait to get outside the classroom. Maybe your children are signed up for a sports team, or maybe they just love running around outside with friends. Whatever the situation, Adidas kids shoes are comfortable and sturdy enough to handle daily wear and tear. They also look so cool that your kids will want to show them off.

Shoes for Every Occasion

JCPenney carries different styles of Adidas shoes to meet your child's needs, whether you want something specifically for spring and summer or something that will last until the next school semester. Running shoes are lightweight and perfect for sprinting, while basketball shoes offer the ankle support that boys and girls need for frequent leaping and jumping. Athletic shoes are great if you want all-purpose footwear.

Many of these shoes include a Cloudfoam midsole that helps to absorb impact, making for a springy, comfortable fit. Choose from footwear that has a rubber exterior or choose something with a leather and mesh upper. Whatever you go with, you and your kids are sure to be pleased.

Cool Fashion for Boys and Girls

Every pair of Adidas kids shoes has the signature triple stripes on each side. The color options for boys include gray with contrasting orange stripes and dark blue with light blue stripes. Want a conservative look? Go for a classic pair of shoes that are white with black stripes or black with white stripes. If your child wants a bold look, he'll love the bright red basketball shoes with black stripes and red laces.

Girls aren't limited to pink shoes — although there is a pair of pink fashion sneakers that fade into shades of blue — as Adidas offers grey and blue color options for girls. Want to keep things gender-neutral? There are unisex shoes available in plain white or white with black stripes.

You'll find sizes available for little kids and big kids so that no matter the children's ages, they can stay active and look fashionable at the same time. With so many great choices and reasonable prices at JCPenney, kids and parents can easily find something they both agree on.

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