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Cool and Casual in Kids' Converse

Kids' Converse shoes are a quintessential wardrobe item for young ones. These comfy sneakers carry brand name swagger and unbeatable quality. Plus, they come in all sorts of colors so both your girly girl and your edgy preteen boy can find a pair of shoes that lets them express their personal style. Shop Kids' Converse at JCPenney to find the footwear that your kids will love.

The Converse Story

Converse shoes boast a long history. They made their debut over a hundred years ago! In 1908, the company began producing galoshes, but it wasn't long before they put their expertise to work to create the sneakers which have become a staple in closets around the world. The sneakers were originally intended for use on the basketball court, but they quickly became an "everything" shoe. Your kids can wear them to school, on weekends, and in numerous other places. Your girl could even pair them with a skirt for a cool mismatched look.

Converse Style

There are different styles of Converse shoes. Velcro styles are great for kids who haven't mastered how to tie laces yet—and for kids who are in too much of a hurry to tie their shoes. High-tops have awesome fashion flair. Some styles have vintage appeal, whereas others boast contemporary chicness. Be sure to check out the broad range of available colors. From basic neutrals to eye-catching brights, there is a Converse for every child. This brand is constantly rolling out new color combinations, so you can check back seasonally to discover the latest looks. Of course, Converse shoes are timeless so you might only need to purchase another pair when your kids have outgrown their old shoes.

Sizes to Please

Kids grow so quickly, and you want to know which brands you can stick with as your little ones go from infants to toddlers to preteens and beyond. Converse produces shoes for infants, toddlers, older kids, and adults, so these kicks can be a go-to for your children even after they're grown. Having the right pair of shoes can make your children more comfortable, and give them the confidence to play to their hearts' content. Shop Kids' Converse at JCPenney to find the perfect sneakers for your little ones.

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