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Find Your Favorite Urban Decay Products at JCPenney

For decades, Urban Decay has produced products that help its loyal fans look excellent wherever they go and no matter what they do. Although it's headquartered in Newport Beach, California, you don't have to go to the West Coast to get your fix of this fabulous brand. That's right!, JCPenney has an appealing selection comprised of dozens of products. Check it out today, whether you're a long-time user of the brand or just got into it a couple of months ago.

In addition to stocking up on the products you already love, it's easy to look for products that might become beloved items soon. Just browse through our inventory at your convenience and use the handy filters on the left to narrow down choices as desired.

Draw Attention To Your Colorful Lips

Whether you only wear lipstick or like to complement with glosses and liners, Urban Decay offers tempting shades that help you emphasize a bold look. We also have topcoat products for your lips. They help lock in the color and make it stay put while you eat, drink, and get exposed to wet weather.

Experiment With Coordinated Eyeshadow Palettes

Urban Decay regularly releases new and trendy eyeshadow palettes. You can find a complete assortment of them at JCPenney. Discover colors that look great when worn alone or blended together to create a flattering, customized shade.

Alternatively, you might want to buy eyeliners from the brand, especially if you've found a color that complements an eyeshadow you wear often, and you'd like to emphasize your overall look.

Focus on Your Delicate Facial Skin

From illuminating powders to liquid foundations that go on smoothly, Urban Decay has plenty of face-specific products that help give you a healthy glow. When your face has an even color and looks blemish-free, the other makeup products used are even more noticeable. Check out complexion-perfecting products that are easy to apply and give great results.

Discover Primers and Setting Sprays

Sometimes, the details make all the difference, and that's especially true when working with makeup. Explore primers that prep your skin and get it ready for the makeup you apply later.

Also, look for handy makeup setting sprays. They prevent your makeup from wearing off, even if you're out for hours. Some of these products made by Urban Decay also help control the natural oil production in your face, increasing the likelihood that the carefully applied cosmetics will stay on even longer than expected.

Clearly, Urban Decay offers plentiful possibilities for enhancing your look. Also, it's a cruelty-free brand. Buy your makeup online and get it delivered, or find products you can choose through the internet and retrieve from a local store through a same-day pick-up arrangement.