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Rihanna Delivers an Inclusive Line of Makeup

The chanteuse Rihanna set herself a lofty goal: make a line of makeup that works on all skin complexions, feels, good, and comes at the highest quality but not the highest price tag. The end result is her Fenty Beauty line of makeup, which offers people of all colors the opportunity to source all their makeup needs from one brand. It's a complete line of makeup with products that work in concert with one another.

Many famous people have put out their own line of beauty and skincare products, but no one has gone to the lengths Rihanna has with Fenty Beauty. She seeks equality and beauty for all through her makeup and does her best to leave no one out. No other manufacturer of makeup has gone to these lengths to satisfy their customer base.

Why It's so Awesome

Rihanna has seemingly addressed every potential problem that could happen with makeup by putting out a line of products that feels good, wears like iron, and applies easily. You won't be constantly reapplying a lipstick because it wore off too quickly or working overtime to get your concealer to smooth out and blend. While Fenty products certainly aren't cheap, compared to other popular high-end makeup brands these products are practically a steal. Additionally, all Fenty products are cruelty free.

Perhaps the best part of Fenty Beauty is the wide range of foundations. At launch, Fenty offered 40 foundation shades, which is several times more than the next leading brand. In addition to being cruelty free, all foundations are vegan.

From highlighters to eye shadow palates, Rihanna created products pigmented with a range of skin tones in mind. Highlighters come in mattes, subtle glows, and outright blushes, each coming in various shades perfect for any occasion. Fenty Beauty has all that you could possibly want from a line of makeup that aims to serve everyone.