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Curling Irons to Achieve Fun and Bouncy Curls

Is there any hair product more versatile than curling irons? From messy, undone waves to romantic spirals, they're perfect for styling your hair no matter the occasion. The best thing about curling irons is that they come in so many different sizes and styles, making it easy to get just the curl you're looking for. When you want to touch up natural spirals, reach for a barrel close in size to your curls and spend just a few minutes touching up the disheveled pieces. If you have straight hair and want to create loose waves, pull that hair in a ponytail and curl just the ends with a 1-inch barrel. You can pick up a smaller 1/2-inch iron when you want pin-tight curls or wide 2-inch one that will give you loose, beachy waves. Irons with ceramic barrels are perfect for heat protection, while many models also come with customizable heat options. Choosing the curling iron that's right for you has never been easier - and it's easiest at JCPenney.


Make Waves With Curling Wands

A curling wand is an iron's laid-back sister. It's clamp-free, allowing you to make more tousled, natural-looking curls - regardless of your hair type. They come a variety of barrel sizes as well, so you can opt for one that fits your needs best. Many even come with a glove to keep your hand protected from the heat. Be sure to grab your favorite curling wand along with one of our flat irons to tackle even the toughest of bad hair days!

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