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Stylish Range Hoods to Match Your Oven

Range hood, exhaust hood, extractor hood, or cooking canopy. Whatever you call this particular appliance, it’s a must have in every kitchen. A range hood hang above the stove or cooktop in your kitchen to remove fumes, steam and other odors from the atmosphere. Once all of these things enter the hood, the odors are either expelled outside, or they pass through a filtration system in the hood, and clean air is recirculated back into the home. When shopping for a range hood, you’ll want to consider the speed and loudness. Thankfully, due to some major advances in technology, range hoods have gotten faster and quieter. There are several types of range hoods you can choose for your kitchen: under-the-cabinet, wall mount, downdraft, and island hoods.

Under-the-cabinet range hood connects to the underside of a kitchen cabinet. The width and depth of the hood you choose depends on the width and depth of your cabinet. You’ll need to measure the cabinet first to make sure you get the correct fit. These hoods tend to be less expensive than other styles and easier to install. However, some people don’t enjoy the look of their range hood protruding from underneath their cabinet. A down draft range hood pulls fumes and smoke downward. Since you won’t have a hood attached to a cabinet, using a down draft hood allows you to maximize space, specifically cabinet space. If your home has a cooktop on the island, you’ll need an island hood. Island hoods attach to the ventilation in the ceiling in your kitchen above the island.

Although all each of the range hoods integrate with your cooktop differently, there’s not too much of a difference in how they function. Picking out the right range hood boils down to your space, budget, kitchen décor, and aesthetic preferences. Whatever you want and need, you're going to find it here in our appliance store front.

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