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Women’s Socks with Cute Characters and Vibrant Colors

Warm up your feet in stylish women’s socks from JCPenney. Wool-blend socks keep your tootsies warm all day long. Shop boo-tiful Halloween socks with bats, pumpkins, ghouls, goblins, black cats, and witches. If ghouls and goblins aren’t your thing, adorn your feet with adorable critter socks. The girl power is strong with our sock packs decorated with fabulous superheroines and pretty princess. Hello Kitty and the word adorable go hand in hand. Our Hello Kitty socks have vibrant colors and fun designs, and after your pick up a few pairs, browse the women’s department for matching pajamas and slippers.

Of course, we have more than just cutesy character socks in stock. Beautiful argyle socks go great with dress clothes, and so do our well-designed trouser socks. When people think of preppy styles, knee high socks automatically come to mind. Shop knee high socks made from nylon, wool-blends, and cotton. You can wear them with skirts, dress, and shorts or to add extra warmth under jeans. Speaking of warmth, leg warmers are back! The look of these 80s icons hasn’t changed; they have just found renewed popularity. Browse our women’s socks in our women’s clothing department and make your feet happy!

Spectacular Hosiery for Women

We live in a fabulous time for women’s hosiery! Designers are elevating hosiery to new heights with bold and inventive designs. Flesh tone and black stockings are foundational pieces of hosiery. You can get a lot of wear out of these colors. Flesh tone stockings can be a bit trickier to pick out. Make sure that you get several pairs to account for changes in your skin color over the year. You’ll want a darker color during the warmer months and a lighter color during the cooler months. Women everywhere rejoiced once designers found a way to create stockings without a seam. But fashion is cyclical, and there is now heavy renewed interest in stockings with seams. This retro hosiery creates a very sexy and sleek look with heels and a dress. Wearing lace and fishnet stockings add texture and depth to an outfit. Due to their intricate designs, you can treat lace and fishnet stockings as accessories, and let them stand on their own as the ultimate fashion statement.