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Enjoy the Versatility of Women's Polo Shirts

Women's polo shirts are a fashion staple around the world. They're great for wearing on the tennis court, yes, but their potential doesn't stop there. They're an awesome semi-casual option for when you're running errands around town or going to a laid-back weekend meetup with your girls.

White polo shirts are classic, but this style comes in all the colors and patterns you could imagine. If you have to wear a polo shirt to work, stick with neutral colors like beige, black, or white. You can have fun with polos, too! Rock a bright pink or neon green polo when you want to soak up some attention. Some polo shirts even have fun patterns such as argyle and colorful stripes.

Polo shirts are appropriate any time of year because they're available with both long sleeves and short sleeves.

A Brief History of Polo Shirts

The origins of the sport of polo stretch back to the seventh century. Eventually, it made its way to England, where the players wore long-sleeve, button-down shirts. The modern version of the polo shirt didn't make its debut until the 1920s, when a tennis player — yes, tennis, not polo — created a functional design with short sleeves, an extra-long shirttail, and a flat collar.

Tennis players quickly took up the new look, but so did polo players. The style had such an impact on polo that it became known as a polo shirt rather than a tennis shirt.

Since that time, polo shirts have stepped off the field and into the closets of practically everyone on the planet.

Tips for Wearing Polo Shirts

There are a number of stylish and effective ways to wear polo shirts. Jeans are your go-to choice. Whether you're rocking skinny jeans or cargo jeans, you can throw a polo shirt above them for a look that is easy and basic. Polo shirts also work well with crops and capris and even shorts.

However, you shouldn't be afraid to experiment. Wear a polo shirt with an A-line skirt for a cute schoolgirl look, or dress up your polo with chic accessories to put together a modern ensemble.

You can't go wrong with women's polo shirts. Add a few to your wardrobe today when you shop at JCPenney.

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