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Celebrate Your Love with Personalized Wedding Bands

Finding that special someone to share your life with is a great achievement. Celebrate the occasion by investing in a set of personalized wedding bands. A wedding band is a sign of your commitment and love for that other person, so it's important to buy something that will stand the test of time — much like your relationship. While getting a fancy ring isn't necessary to happiness, it does show your faith in the marriage and is a sign of your dedication to true love.

With a personalized band, that love will never be more apparent. You can have you and your loved one's initials engraved deep into the metal, a bond that will never be broken. By buying matching rings, you'll truly be linked for the rest of your lives.

Find the Style That Matches You

Since your wedding band is going to become a permanent accessory on your finger, it's worth the time and money to find something you really like. With JCPenney's huge selection of personalized wedding bands, you'll have no problem finding a style that meets your needs.

You can browse by color, searching for beige, black, white, rose, or yellow bands depending on what you like. Since wedding bands are typically worn by men, many like a duller metal that isn't as flashy as bright gold or silver. Black and gray bands are all the rage, as they have a more masculine tone that doesn't stand out as much on the hand. Most bands don't come with stones, but some do have small diamond accents for a little flashiness.

You'll also have the selection of pattern or style. While many bands are just a simple domed shape without engravings or filigrees, some do offer an element of design. Whether it's a simple line around the middle of the band or an intricate series of Celtic knots, these designs range from beautiful and eye-catching to simple and modern.

It all depends on whether you want a ring that will stand out or you want a ring that won't call too much attention to yourself. Plus, it might be a good idea to get a ring that matches your partner's, even if it's a little more simple or extravagant.

Choose an Engraving that Speaks About Your Love

While many people choose to get their loved one's initials on the inside of their ring, there's plenty of other options. You could choose a quote about love, or add the year that you got married. For the more lighthearted lovers out there, you could even choose a silly word or inside joke that you and your partner share.

JCPenney is your number one destination for personalized wedding bands. Peruse the numerous choices and pick something to last forever.

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