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Show off Your Alluring Style in Over-The-Knee Boots

Whether you are already a fan of ultra-high boots or want to experiment with wearing them for the first time, JCPenney brings dozens of options together in one place and lets you shop on a schedule that fits your needs. You'll find the perfect pair of over-the-knee boots here on our website.

Choose a Preferred Color

Sometimes, a pop of color is what you need to pull an outfit together and make it fantastic. Fortunately, many of the over-the-knee boots in our collection come in bold, daring colors ranging from bright red to hunter green. If you'd rather tone down the color a little, check out neutral hues such as black and beige. They're likely to smoothly blend with almost all the outfits in your closet, enabling you to easily slide into over-the-knee boots for any occasion.

Appreciate Noticeable Details

Depending on the event, you may want footwear that has a plain exterior, especially if you're wearing this boot style for a professional gathering such as a conference. However, when you want a pair of boots with more personality, browse the options that feature extras such as fringe, ties, and embroidered sections. These compliment-earning details help you stand out from the crowd and proudly show off a style all your own.

Wear Over-The-Knee Boots Like a Pro

Due to their characteristic dramatically high height, you may need a bit of guidance about how to wear this style of footwear in ways that make sense. As a starting point, think about all the pieces of clothing you already own or may want to buy that let you rock a bare-legged look. Dresses and skirts are good starting points, but you could combine a pair of over-the-knee boots with a leotard-style top.

Consider also pulling on a pair of tights with a patterned exterior or bright color. They'll be visible from the tops of your boots and help you highlight a detail-oriented look ideal for an evening out on the town with a partner or group of friends.

Since over-the-knee boots usually have block-style heels, you'll look a little taller wherever you go. Some of the boots available from JCPenney feature stiletto heels. Try them on for a memorable alternative to traditional stilettos that may become your go-to shoes.

Finish All Your Shoe Shopping in One Place

Why stop at over-the-knee boots? We also have low-cut booties, rugged hiking boots, and elegant riding boots among many other in-demand styles. Save time, shop for all the shoes you need, and score big on free shipping when you shop big with us. What's not to love?

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