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A Quiet Dishwasher Improves Your Home

The number of things in your home that make ambient noise varies, but between your AC and your refrigerator, parts of your home can get pretty loud. The dishwasher isn't on all the time, but dishwashers can be very loud when they are. Low hums, the sound of water running, and sometimes even weird grinding sounds — it's enough to drive you out of the kitchen if you're sensitive to noise.

In fact, dishwashers have a bit of a reputation for causing a ruckus. People tend to clear out of the kitchen when the dishwasher is on. One way to seriously improve the ambience in your kitchen is to invest in a quiet dishwasher.

The quietest dishwasher models reduce that noise to 50 dBA or lower, with top models coming in around 40 dBA. For comparison, 60 dBA is the average noise level a dishwasher makes, and if you're sitting right next to it, it's not much quieter than running the vacuum. Part of what makes the dishwasher so loud is the food particles that get scraped off your dishes and ground into bits.

How Do Quiet Dishwashers Work?

Insulation in quiet dishwashers reduces the noise the machine makes. It can reduce dishwasher ambient noise to a quiet 50 dBA, which is about the level of sound your refrigerator makes. Other versions have two pumps instead of one within the dishwasher, which also helps to minimize noise. These parts working together create a very quiet dishwasher experience.

Other Great Dishwasher Features

Along with noise reduction in your dishwasher, choose some other amazing features that will make your life in the kitchen a little easier. Several of GE's best dishwashers allow you to fill just the top or bottom rack, washing half a load of dishes instead of a whole one. Save water and energy, and clean the dishes you need without waiting to fill the entire washer with dirty dishes.

Both Samsung and GE offer dishwashers with hard food disposal systems. You no longer have to clean the dishwasher filter when hard food comes off your plates, bowls, and pans. Remember how that food disposal is part of what makes the dishwasher so loud? Insulation technology in these dishwashers seriously dampens this noise, so you get the perks of the disposal without having to listen to the grinding sound that comes with it.

Get the quietest dishwasher that fits your current kitchen decor. Many stainless steel options are available. White, black, cream, and gray are also colors that are available. Get chrome accents to match your current kitchen interior design, or start a new appliance collection with this new dishwasher. Check out the fabulous options at JCPenney online.

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