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Keep Warm and Suave With Classic Wool Suits


There's a saying that every man should have at least four suits in his closet: black, blue, brown, and gray. The classic cut suit is back in style, and there's absolutely nothing like the lines a man gets when wearing a good suit. If you really want to take it a step further and add that perfect touch of style and class, you can't beat a wool suit. The JCPenney collection of classic wool suits has every kind of ensemble you could want.

Full Suits or Mix-and-Match

The modern professional or dress ensemble doesn't necessarily mean a black jacket and black pants. You can mix and match your designs and colors these days, going with a gorgeous blue blazer or sport coat atop modern and stylish khaki pants. Of course, if the traditional method of dressing for the occasion appeals to you, you can also go with a full ensemble of suit coat and trousers from any of several designers.

Our collection includes every kind of dress outfit you could want, from your basic professional dress for everyday work wear to full classy suits for upscale events. Whatever your needs might be, we've got just the ensemble for the occasion in a wide range of colors and cuts for any body size or shape. Looking for the traditional, striking three-piece look? We have vests to match your suit as well.

Finish the Look With a Perfect Topcoat

They say first impressions are everything, and often that begins with the coat you wear with your suit. Whether you're stepping out on the town or stepping into a job interview, you don't want to throw just any old windbreaker or battered overcoat on top of your stylish suit. You need an equally upscale topcoat to enhance the overall look.

As with our suits, we have a wide range of topcoats in many styles, cuts, and colors to perfectly offset your suit and complete your ensemble. Make a stunning first impression, whether it's a business meeting to close that deal, a job interview, or a formal first date. Choose the right overcoat and make sure that your entire outfit says it all.

Jackets, Sport Coats, and Blazers

Even if you're not looking to pick up a full suit, every man can use a classic and timeless blazer or sport coat in his closet. Just having one of these handy can instantly take your look from casual to professional in seconds. Our collection of sport coats and blazers is ideal for any need. From classic-fit wool sport coats to hopsack blazers, it's all right here.

Check out the JCPenney wool suits collection and complete your personal woolen selection today!