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Slim Fit Suits for Men at JCPenney

Browse the JCPenney collection of slim fit suits to find a great-fitting and stylish suit for any special occasion. Look for slim fit suits to wear for Easter, valentine's day, or any other important event where you want to look your best. The JCPenney collection of slim fit suits has a prom suit to suit you!

Suit Jackets

Shop JCPenney to find slim fit suit jackets for any occasion. Find stylish suit jackets and casual sport coats in the selection of slim fit suit jackets from JCPenney. Look for 2 or 3 button styles in blue, black, or gray. JCPenney has the look you are going for in the color you want. Choose a Stafford corduroy sport coat to give off a cool hip vibe. JCPenney has a variety of suit jackets in the collection, so you can be sure to find one that fits you.

Suit Pants

Find stylish suit pants to match your jacket in the JCPenney collection of slim fit suits and suit pants. Look for flat-front pants that match your jacket perfectly for an all-over look. The JCPenney selection of slim fit suit pants has a great-fitting pair for every man who wants to look his very best. Skip the jacket and pair suit pants with a button up dress shirt and tie for a simple and classic look.

Stretch Fabric

Many slim fit suits from JCPenney are made with stretch fabric to make them the most comfortable suits you will ever wear. Stretch fabric gives you space to stand, sit or dance without your suit being constricting. Get yourself into a fashionable stretch fabric slim fit suit from JCPenney and be the best dressed (and most comfortable) man at any event.

Plaid or Patterned Suits

Go for a refined and fashionable look with a patterned or plaid suit from JCPenney. Plaids in gray, blue, and dark gray make for a stylish outfit. Browse the JCPenney collection of lined suits in checks, herringbone, or paisley patterns, too. A plaid or patterned suit adds visual interest to an otherwise monochrome palette, and can make your suit stand out.

Brand Names

The JCPenney collection of men's slim fit suits has suits from favorite brand names including JF J. Ferrar and Stafford. Find the dress suit for dress occasions that suits you best and be prepared to be the best dressed man there. Look for slim fit suits from JCPenney in styles for every body including short suits, long, and regular styles so men of all stature can find a great-fitting suit.