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Graphic tees are one of the most popular pieces of casual clothing people choose to wear. Whether you're expressing your love of a band, a sports team, or cats, you can find a graphic tee that will let the world know you're a fan. But finding graphic tees that actually fit when you're outside the normal measurement scope can be difficult. Those tees might be too short, too tight, or both, causing frustration whenever you discover one you can't live without.

Discover the Perfect Size

T-shirts are so comfortable when they fit, and so uncomfortable when they don't. Stop dealing with sleeves that barely cover your biceps and hems that don't even hit your belt. Get a large to a 6x large in many graphic tees at JCPenney online. Most size options are available in regular length and tall length. Check the fit guide, and check what other customers have said about whether the sizes run small, true, or large.

Show Your Love

Are you a huge Americana fan? You can get shirts with emblems that celebrate the U.S. and its colorful history. Popular soft drinks, alcohols, and automotive themes are all available as graphic tees. Star Wars fans will find lots to love at JCPenney, whether you want to sport Vader's mask or the iconic lettering. Movie buffs, you don't need to stop there. You'll find a lot of flicks, from Jurassic Park to Minions, represented in these online shopping pages.

How to Wear Graphic Tees

If you're new to the graphic tee game, don't worry! Sporting this style is simple, and surprisingly versatile. Most people prefer to wear a graphic tee with a pair of jeans and simple shoes. This unisex style looks great on everyone, and is the perfect kind of casual for your weekend outings to the movies, restaurants, and friends' houses.

Spruce things up a bit by pairing a graphic tee with a blazer and a nice pair of jeans. This combines semiformal and casual in a way that's appropriate for certain office environments, laid back business meetings, and night events at conferences. The graphic tee gives people a clue about your personality, and the blazer shows you're taking the situation seriously. Wear a clean pair of tennis shoes or your favorite loafers to complete the look.

Stir up your personal style and let your interests show on your T-shirt. Big and tall graphic tees at JCPenney are a fun way to express your personality while wearing something that's comfortable. You'll discover simple sizing, quality materials like cotton, and graphics you'll love wearing. Whether you're getting ready to go to a con or simply want a fun shirt to wear in summer, a graphic tee from JCPenney online is the way to go.

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