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Browse Clearance Kids’ Clothing at JCPenney

Don’t behind in slaying the perfect fall and winter look this season. With a huge collection, the JCPenney clearance kids’ clothing means that you can buy high quality, attractive clothes that will last through your son or daughters’ growth spurt. From casual to formal wear, and with clothes from major manufacturers like Carters and Xersion, we have clothes for all sizes and tastes.

Kids' Clothing To Match Any Occasion

Buying children's clothing for a special occasion can seem like a thankless task. You buy them a new suit or dress to attend a wedding, and by the next big event, they've outgrown it. With our clearance sale, you can enjoy discounted prices on some beautiful items. As well as dresses and suits, we also stock shirts, shoes, and other accessories to complete the perfect look.

Ensure A Good Night's Sleep With Kids' Pajama Sets

Getting a good night's sleep is important to everybody. It is especially important for children. Babies formulate memories and process everything they have experienced over the day, while young children need to get plenty of rest so that they are fresh and ready to take on the next day.

As well as ensuring a good quality bed and decent bedding, kids pajama sets can promote better sleep. Ill-fitting pajamas leave a child too hot or too cold. They can also irritate the wearer, preventing them from getting to sleep and sleeping right through. What's more, if you can find beautiful pajamas complete with a child's favorite characters or motifs, they will be happier to put them on, encouraging them to get ready for bed without tears and tantrums.

Buying Kids' Clothing To Last

Kids' clothes aren't all about looks. Children love to run around - good quality and well-manufactured clothing will withstand falls and trips. This quality also ensures that your favorite blue t-shirt retains its original blue color even after frequent washing. The JCPenney clearance kids' clothing section has everything you need to fill a child's wardrobe. We have suits and dresses for formal occasions, jeans and outdoor wear for everyday play, and graphic t-shirts to show off their character. We also stock pajama sets, dressing gowns, and more. And, because it is part of our clearance sale, you can enjoy low prices on high-quality items.