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School Uniforms: Get Classroom Ready and Picture Perfect

The little ones are about to set off on a back to school adventure, so prepare them by finding the perfect uniform pants to round out their school uniforms! Shopping for back to school supplies can be hectic, but it doesn’t have to be! Let our amazingly wide selection of school uniforms and classroom-ready clothing make shopping so much easier!

Polos? Check. Button ups? Check. What about long sleeve polo shirts? Of course! Feel free to browse our stock of formal school wear. Whatever the guidelines are, you don’t have to worry one bit—we’ve got enough selection to tide over even the pickiest of kids! Polo shirts made from comfy, breathable pique fabric can really go the distance—equally suited for hard study sessions and a stint of outdoor activity. Boys will love the casual and cool comfort of uniform shorts, while girls will adore our selection of cute skirts. But we’ll let you in on something--one thing both boys and girls will agree on is how comfy our uniform pants are, so be sure to grab some here at JCPenney! Don’t forget to stock up on casual clothes too. Your kids will need something stylish to wear when they’re not at school, and we have some of the trendiest kids' clothing around. With JCPenney your kids will look sharp in and out of school!