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Buy the Stuffed Animals Your Kids Will Love

The perfect stuffed animal will instantly become your child's favorite companion, providing years of wonderful memories they will cherish for a lifetime. Give your little ones the perfect gift with the stuffed toys offered at JCPenney.

Choose From Your Favorite Characters

Stuffed toys help bring beloved characters to life for kids of all ages. Indulge your little princess with classic Disney characters from movies like "Frozen," "Beauty and the Beast," or "Lilo and Stitch." The Disney Collection frequently offers characters ranging from Mickey Mouse to Winnie the Pooh, not to mention everything in between. These iconic characters enrich imaginations and serve as nighttime protectors against those monsters under the bed.

Our diverse collections always include both large and mini plush stuffed characters to suit various ages. Buy a stuffed character toy that's half your child's size, or go with a miniature one to fit those tiny hands.

Make Those First Gifts Extra Special

One of the best things about stuffed animal toys is that you can give them to your kids early. Many stuffed toys are made with sensitive baby skin in mind, so they're extra soft and supple. In fact, so-called "baby's first playsets" are typically plush toys, giving little ones something to hold and take comfort in.

Looking for a fun gift for a baby shower? You can't go wrong with a baby's first bagged set, which offers a variety of soft toys fitting a specific theme. These might be an assortment of sports balls or everyday items they see Mommy use on a daily basis.

When in doubt, go for the classic teddy bear. Plush bears are easy to hold and cuddle with, and some come with baby blankets as an added bonus. A baby's first teddy bear is a great option for any baby shower because these toys are ultra-soft with satin trimmings, which are perfect for little ones. Consider trusted, baby-friendly brands like babyGund and Okie Dokie for all your infant's toy needs.

Let Their Imaginations Shine

What kid doesn't love to play make-believe with stuffed animals? Thanks to toy designers like Melissa & Doug, your child can express his imagination with fun playtime companions. Does your little one love animals? Buy a huggable stuffed animal that looks like the real thing. Has your kid been begging you for a dog? Why not get a stuffed one instead?

Stuffed animals are also great teaching tools for growing minds. We carry National Geographic's line of plush toys, which includes a variety of wild animals your kids are learning about in school.

Whether you're shopping for a baby, toddler, or big kid, JCPenney offers the lovable stuffed animals every child will enjoy. Shop our extensive online collection of kids toys to browse through countless varieties, and give your kids the companions they'll adore forever.