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Liven up Family Time With Board Games for Kids

Remember when your family crowded around the kitchen table for game night? Thanks to JCPenney's assortment of board games for kids, your little ones can forge the same memories. Choose from nostalgic classics and innovative board games designed to entertain young and old alike.

Stock up on Classic Board Games

Who doesn't love a game of Candy Land? Today's game manufacturers continue to offer the tried-and-true favorites we all grew up on, allowing us to pass our memories on to the next generation. Enjoy a friendly game of Monopoly, LIFE, or Ker Plunk! Try your hand at Chinese Checkers or Aggravation. You can even test your skills against the kids with a competitive trivia game.

With vintage games like Clue, Operation, and Mad Gab still on the market, you can stock up on your favorites and take a trip down memory lane anytime you'd like!

Expand Your Collection

While every home needs classic board games on standby, newer games provide fresh fun for everyone. Kids will love udpated Monopoly-based games that feature an interesting theme that not only provides hours of fun, but also teaches kids trivia or can help them identify their favorite creatures.

Interactive games require players to develop a strategy. One false move, and the spring-loaded game sends game pieces flying! These interactive board games keep kids squealing for hours as game pieces go soaring through the air.

There are also games based on popular children's shows and collectibles. Players may start with a certain number of collectibles and spin an arrow to earn more game pieces. For any kid that loves collecting, these types of games are a must-have.

Make Learning Fun With Board Games

Let's face it, it's difficult for kids to want to learn when they're not in school, but thanks to creative board games, they won't even know they're picking up useful skills. Take math-based games, for instance. Game pieces may be divided into halves, thirds, fourths, and other fractions so players can add, subtract, or match the fractions. Other learning games focus on science and other subjects to keep kids engaged. When you can make learning fun, kids are more likely to retain much-needed information that can help them excel in school.

Enjoy Game Time With Baby

Top toy makers have created a colorful array of baby-friendly board games for the littlest ones in the family. Help your toddler complete a chunky puzzle or geometric stacker, or teach them about food with a supermarket set. From building blocks to musical games, these age-appropriate activities give your baby the tools needed to learn while having fun.

No matter your child's interests, JCPenney offers the board game selection to keep family game night fun and entertaining.

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