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Citizen Women's Watches


Whether you like to keep track of time or wear a timepiece for style, you'll love the selection of Citizen women's watches at JCPenney. We have a variety of designs, styles, and metals so you can choose the Citizen watch that is perfect for you.


Citizen Watch Styles


The Citizen watches at JCPenney appeal to a variety of fashion styles and sensibilities. If you're more traditional, you'll love the bracelet or strap style. Someone who likes a stronger hint of femininity or something to go with a dressier outfit will love the bangle watch.


Many women have a collection of watches so they always have one to go with whatever event they're going to or outfit they're wearing any particular day. Bracelet watches and strap watches are ideal for everyday wear. They're great for the office or hanging out with friends. If you have a dressier event, you may want to select one of the bangle-style watches. It looks less utilitarian and more like a piece of jewelry.


Citizen Watch Metals


Regardless of what metal you prefer, you'll find your favorite in the collection of Citizen watches carried by JCPenney. Do you like the traditional yellow gold? We have yellow gold watches as well as the cooler silver-tone watches and softer rose gold bands. You'll also discover two-tone watches that go with anything.


Other Band Styles and Colors


If you're looking at watches with strap bands, you'll find a vast array of options at JCPenney. For something that will go with everything, check out the neutral black, brown, and white bands. We also have Citizen watches with green, pink, or purple bands. All of our watches have dial colors that either match or complement the colors of the bands.


Women's Citizen Watch Features


Before selecting a watch, decide what features you want. Are you looking for a watch that strictly tells time? You'll find that here. Other features to consider include watches with dates, stopwatches, and water-resistant watches. Or choose a chronograph Citizen's watch with multiple independent hands that measure even more time detail, all the way down to a fraction of a second.


As you're checking out the various Citizen watches, you'll also find some with diamond or crystal accent--both perfect to wear for dressy occasions. JCPenney carries the finest Citizen watches with the features you want.


Affordable Quality Citizen Watches


As always, JCPenney offers the quality you expect from Citizen watches at a price you can afford. While checking out the great selection of Citizen women's watches, consider picking up some earrings and a necklace to complete your look.