Find the Perfect Wedding Band for the Big Day at JCPenney

An enduring symbol of love and commitment, wedding bands come in a wide range of styles and designs to ensure that each ring is well suited for the recipient. From traditional rings to more modern designs, JCPenney carries an extensive array of wedding rings for men and women to choose from. Browse our selection to find just the right men's wedding ring so that you're all set when the big day finally arrives. The simple, unadorned band typical of classic wedding rings is still a very popular option for men's wedding band styles today. For the most simple and traditional look, this is the style you want. Those wanting an updated take on the traditional band, however, may want to choose a carved or beveled ring, which gives the band a bit more of a modern appeal.

Another option for men (and women!) to consider is a wedding diamond band. These diamond rings come in a variety of designs, from having just a single diamond accent or a few small diamonds in a sleek row to several diamonds as big as the width of the band. While diamond is the most popular stone for a wedding band, other stones are also available, including cubic zirconia, sapphire, amethyst, and opal.

Picking the right Metal Type and Ring Size

Admired for its timeless sheen, gold is the classic metal used for wedding rings, and we have an extensive collection of men's gold rings in every style. If you're looking to go a little less traditional, then titanium and stainless steel are both very popular choices for their durability and shine. Other options that are also very much worth considering include tungsten, sterling silver, cobalt, silver, and ceramic, all of which you will find among our selection. And when choosing a wedding band, it is important to take both the band size and the width of the ring into account. Make sure you properly measure your ring finger so that your wedding band will be a good fit. In terms of width, men's wedding rings generally range from 4mm to 8mm, with wider rings better suited for larger hands and vice versa. However, your own personal style preferences should inform the decision as well.