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Add Elegance and Class With Pearl Earrings

It might come as a surprise to learn that, judging by auction house sales, many people actually prefer pearls to diamonds. These rare gems, which aren't actually stones, exude an elegance and class rarely matched by any other precious gem on the market, no matter its value. Their legacy dates back thousands of years. Today, a woman in pearls evokes the style and grace of classic Hollywood starlets.

If you're looking to add pearls to your jewelry collection or give that special someone in your life a beautiful gem that will touch her heart with timeless beauty, look no further than JCPenney's collection of pearl earrings.

An Infinite Variety of Styles and Colors

Whether you're going out for dinner at a four-star restaurant, attending a wedding or a formal occasion, or just want to add a touch of class to your everyday life, you can't beat pearl earrings. These gems come in a wide variety of finishes and appearances, from black to pink to classic white pearls and even golden pearls. They come in such a diverse range of styles and colors that, no matter the occasion, you'll find the perfect earrings to complement your ensemble.

Pearl jewelry can be enjoyed in so many styles and settings that these earrings are an ideal addition to any look. Whether it's a casual day out on the town or the fanciest formal occasion, you can find pearl earrings to meet your demands. They're available as freshwater or salt, cultured or wild, and in all shapes and semblances.

Earrings for Every Style

Of course, more than just the pearls themselves affect this piece of jewelry's appearance. Setting and earring style matter, as well. Fortunately, the JCPenney collection offers every style you can imagine. Whether you're a fan of yellow gold, sterling silver, or white gold, we have the earrings to match. You can get settings accented with other gems such as diamond chips or topaz. We have stud earrings and dangling styles, with settings as simple and basic or beautiful and complex as you like.


Earrings are a beautiful way for a woman to give her look that elegant finishing touch. Every woman has a different facial structure, and it's vital to find the perfect earrings to best accent her natural look. Women with round faces do best with long drop earrings, while those with narrower bone structures look best in studs and clusters. Ladies with a fine bone structure should look for fine settings.

In the end, no matter your style or occasion, be it conservative or flashy, we've got stylish pearl earrings for you. Check out JCPenney's complete collection for your next pair.

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