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opal necklaces - beautiful for many occasions

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Opal Necklace


With their delightful colorful variations and sparkling settings, you'll love the opal necklaces offered by JCPenney. We have a variety of designs, so there is something for everyone. This October birthstone is symbolic of energy, wealth, and joy, so wear it with confidence.


Opal Necklace Styles


As you peruse the jewelry selection at JCPenney, you'll discover a wide array of styles of opal necklaces. We have opal crosses, opal hearts, and a variety of other opal pendants so you can find one that suits your personal taste.


Are you going somewhere special and don't know what to wear? Choose one of the opal necklaces enhanced by clusters of sparkling diamonds or sapphires, and you'll be the best-dressed person there. Whether you wear all black or multiple colors, your opal necklace will stand out and show your superb sense of style.


For more everyday, casual wear, consider a simpler setting in silver, rose gold, or white gold. Make it your signature necklace that shows your excellent taste in accessories. Wear opals with everything from a business suit to your favorite weekend jeans for a look that shows you're confident in your personal style.


Brands and Designers


JCPenney features opal necklaces from a variety of designers and brands. Enjoy a hint of romance from Black Hills Gold or the charm of the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry line. Other brands and designers we offer include Love in Motion, Silver Elements by Barse, and more.


Opal Necklace Gift


When it's time to give that special someone a gift, you can't go wrong with an opal necklace. They come in a variety of styles and chain lengths, so choose one that suits her personal taste. If she's a romantic by nature, she'll love one of the opal heart necklaces. For someone whose faith is of the utmost importance, consider an opal cross necklace.


Are you exchanging gifts with one of your pals? The gift of an opal necklace with a butterfly pendant will draw gasps and the biggest smile you've ever seen. She'll think of you and how special your friendship is every time she wears it.


Affordable Quality


JCPenney provides quality fine jewelry at a price that fits most budgets. With so many different styles to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect piece. We want you to be a happy customer as you shop for an opal necklace. In fact, our collection is affordable enough for you to pick up some opal earrings and an opal bracelet to match.