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Add Elegance to Your Collection With Beautiful Jewelry Boxes

Your jewelry collection probably means a great deal to you. Whether it's a 2-carat diamond set into a rose gold band or costume jewelry that has been passed down for many generations in your family, jewelry can have monetary as well as sentimental value.


Don't you want to store your jewelry in a way that befits its value? Then you need a beautiful jewelry box that's just as personal to you as the jewels inside. With the JCPenney jewelry box collection, you can find the perfect storage for those adornments you so dearly cherish.

Jewelry Boxes in Every Style and for Every Piece

Different styles of jewelry demand different kinds of jewelry boxes. Luckily, our jewelry box collection has every kind and style of box you can imagine, from multi-compartment ring boxes to wall-mounted jewelry armoires to free-standing drawer setups to multi-compartment upright boxes in every shape, style, and design.

Some jewelry boxes are just that — boxes in a variety of colors with removable compartment trays and leather, wood, or fabric coverings. Others are like miniature chests of drawers. Still others look like miniature wardrobes. The style of jewelry case you choose will depend on your personal taste, the kind of jewelry you're storing, and the decor of the room in which it will be kept.

Stunning Designs From Respected Designers

If brand is important to you, you'll find gorgeous jewelry box designs from the most respected manufacturers. We have chests from Hives & Honey, Mele & Co., Cathy's Concepts, and more in all types of materials, including black leather, red velvet, walnut, and oak. These come in finishes such as cherry, mocha, and espresso or painted white and black. Whatever your design tastes, our jewelry boxes can suit your needs.

Perfect Organization for Your Collection

We have boxes perfect for storing a few statement pieces as well as chests designed to store vast amounts of jewelry, all in the most organized fashion. Never again will you need to dig or search for the right piece of jewelry or struggle to untangle your necklaces or pearl strands. Everything will be perfectly organized and available when you need it.

With the JCPenney jewelry box collection, you'll have the perfect finishing touch to store and display your jewelry collection, keep it secure and organized, and add a decorative element to any room in your home. Not only is it a practical way to keep your valuables but it's also a charming finishing touch to your decor.


Explore all our options to find the perfect jewelry chest for storing your treasured family heirlooms, valuable jewels, or fantastic costume jewelry.

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