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Gemstone and Birthstone Jewelry at JCPenney

Sparkling gemstone and birthstone jewelry speaks louder than words ever could. Whether you're wearing an emerald gemstone necklace or a pair of ruby earrings, there will be no doubt that you enjoy the finer things in life. JCPenney makes this possible by focusing on quality gemstones and birthstones with budget-friendly prices.

Gemstone Jewelry for Any Outfit

Are you looking for a pair of gemstone earrings to dress up your wardrobe? We offer a variety of stones, cuts, sizes, and styles to give you options that suit your personal taste. Some of our most popular gemstones include sapphires, emeralds, moissanite, aquamarine, morganite, rubies, and amethyst.

You want to make a positive impression at the office, and gemstones call attention to you in a good way. Whether you're searching for a gemstone necklace to wear for a job interview or a gemstone bracelet to make a presentation, we have it here at JCPenney.

Certain occasions cry out for the sparkle of gemstones. Whether you're going out to celebrate a birthday, heading to the prom, or attending a special event, you'll appreciate the selection of gemstone sets with a necklace, bracelet, and earrings that match.

Birthstone Jewelry Makes the Perfect Gift

Birthstones have been in existence for centuries, and their popularity has grown. Each month started out with one gemstone, and now some months have several. We have birthstone rings, birthstone pendants, and a variety of other birthstone pieces to choose from. JCPenney has a selection of birthstone jewelry for all of the months, so you can enjoy your special time of year.

What Are the Birthstones?

Regardless of when you celebrate your birthday, there is a gemstone for you. If you were born in January, the gorgeous garnet is your go-to stone. February's amethyst represents royalty. The aquamarine birthstone for those born in March represents the ocean. The April birthstone is the diamond, still the preferred gem for engagement rings. May's birthstone is the emerald that represents youth, intelligence, and growth. One of June's birthstones, the pearl, is the only gem created by an animal.

People born in July enjoy the ruby birthstone that represents wisdom and health with its deep red color. August's birthstone, peridot, reportedly has the power to heal. The sapphire is September's birthstone, and it's known for promoting and protecting romance. One of October's birthstones is the opal, which comes in a variety of multicolored hues. People born in November enjoy both the topaz and citrine gemstones that feature similar warm colors. Tanzanite, one of the most popular and valued gemstones around the world, is the birthstone for those born in December.

Budget-Friendly and Affordable Gemstone Jewelry

Regardless of which gemstone you're looking for, start your search at JCPenney for the perfect gemstone jewelry. This is where you'll discover that quality and value can go hand-in-hand.

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