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The Right Size Shark Vacuum for Any Job

Whether you are looking for a larger model to tackle full room cleaning or a smaller handheld model to get into corners and clean vents, Shark has a vacuum to complete any size job. For small messes that require a quick cleanup, you can choose from one of the two cordless handheld models available.

If you are looking for models with a little more versatility, you can choose from one of the multiple lift-away upright models that provide the ability to go from a floor vacuum to carried vacuum — complete with attachments for upholstery, stairs, vents, corners, and pet hair and dander. If you are limited on storage space, that's no problem. Shark has a variety of upright stick vacuums that pack a lot of power into a thinner, more storage-friendly design.

A Lot of Power and Maneuverability

With Shark, any vacuuming job can be made easy. Shark vacuums are easy to maneuver around and under furniture, and the lift-away models and available attachments make it easy to clean any surface in your home. All large models come with swivel steering, and many come with LED lights to get a good view under furniture and in other dark places you made need to vacuum. They are designed to function well on both carpeted and hardwood floors and are bagless to provide for easy cleanup, plus they are less expensive to operate.

Even with their space-saving designs, all Shark models have the power to trap dirt, dander, and pet hair that your previous vacuum may have missed, leaving your floors and furniture extremely clean while helping to reduce the allergens in your home. Cleaner floors lead to cleaner air and less dander and dirt to stir up allergies in those who suffer from them. Most models come with anti-allergen Complete Seal technology and HEPA filters to trap 99 percent of all allergens in the home.

Added Accessories Make Any Cleaning Job a Breeze

Many models come with a wide range of added accessories, and you will also find other bonus accessories available to purchase. From pet attachments to brushes, Shark's vacuum accessories can help you get through your cleaning jobs quicker and easier.

The attachments that come with some Shark models include dusting brushes, crevice tools, a Dust-Away hard floor attachment, premium pet power tools, hard floor microfiber pads, and multiple pet power tools. If those aren't enough, you can add bonus accessories such as the home and car detail kit, the canister caddy, the wide upholstery tool, the Dust-Away pro nozzle, the wide pet upholstery tool, and the under-appliance wand.

Shark has what it takes to complete any household cleaning task.

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