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Electric Grills for Grilling on the Go!

Cuisinart. George Foreman. Hamilton Beach. When it comes to electric grills, it’s hard to beat this excellent lineup. Whether you’re after that perfectly seared steak or are craving deliciously roasted vegetables, the best tool at your disposal is a compact and easy to use indoor grill. It’s a compact and convenient way to prepare food without cluttering up your neatly organized kitchen. Plus, cooking this way can cut out the fat—great for health-conscious folks. They’re also packed with great features including nonstick coating for easy cleaning, removable drip trays and preprogrammed temperature settings for a perfectly cooked meal every time!

Electric Griddles for Portable Convenience

An easy and convenient way to cook a full breakfast all at once, the electric griddle is the early riser’s ultimate companion! These small appliances feature a large cooking area that can cook many different food items at once. Imagine having bacon grilling on one side and sunny-side up eggs cooking on the other, with some pancakes right in between, darkening to a beautiful golden brown. When breakfast is over with, it’s time to whip up some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch! Once again, the large non-stick cooking surface shines allowing for easy clean up. With your electric griddle in hand, bad breakfasts and dull lunches everywhere will quiver in fear.


Sandwich Makers and Delicious Paninis

Sandwich aficionados, take note—there’s a new guy in town. Say hello to the sandwich maker! Create delightfully crisp and delicious sandwiches and paninis right in the comfort of your home. Build your favorite sandwich first, then pop it into the panini press and voila—a tasty lunch is ready for you! There’s no need to resort to conventional cookware. Enjoy a host of convenient features, such as a nonstick coating for simple cleaning, adjustable hinges to accommodate even the biggest of sandwiches, and preheating to let it warm up while you’re preparing your ingredients. Once you’ve tasted a crisp panini, you’ll wonder how you made it through life without your trusty sandwich maker!

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