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Comfy Outdoor Cushions for Enjoying a Beautiful Day

Warm rays of sunshine. Big, fluffy clouds. The gentle caress of the wind. The smell of freshly grilled burgers and chicken. Everything should be perfect, but it’s not—the guests are shifting uncomfortably on the patio furniture. It’s time to get some outdoor cushions to make everyone comfortable again! Outfit the outdoor chairs to prevent serious cases of chafed bottoms. They’ll also be great for adding splashes of festive color to that wicker recliner on the porch, or adding extra padding and bounce to the outdoor sectional. It’s an inevitability that you or some of the guests will want to take a nap outside—when this happens, be glad that there’s some cozy outdoor pillows to go with the hammock in the backyard, perfect for a quick and refreshing afternoon doze. Use them individually as headrests or stack them up for maximum enjoyment!

Many of the outdoor cushions in our assortment are water resistant and fade resistant, which will have you money in the long run. But you can always use a little extra help with protecting your patio cushions. Apply a spray on fabric protectant to really reinforce the natural attributes in the fabric. Just like you rotate your mattress, flip your outdoor pillows from time to time so that wear and tear is equally applied to both sides – increasing the life span of your gorgeous investments. Don’t forget to bring the patio cushions inside for a thorough cleaning in the washing machine.

Don’t let anything spoil the day—pick up a wide assortment of outdoor patio cushions at JCPenney and spend quality time outside!

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