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Transform Your Sleep With Adjustable Beds

If you're looking for a fresh way to approach your comfort and improve your sleep, adjustable beds are a smart option. If you're accustomed to sleeping on a flat box spring or foundation, you'll be amazed at the difference an adjustable bed can make in everything from your evening reading routine to your overnight sleep satisfaction.

How Adjustable Beds Work

Adjustable beds act as a foundation for your mattress. Rather than sitting flat, as a traditional box spring would, they have several distinct sections that are individually versatile. Most adjustable foundations have three points where you can adjust their angle. This allows you to raise or lower the head of the bed as well as the foot. You can angle the bed around the point where your knee would sit to allow your legs to hang down or remain raised.

Uses for an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds are commonly used for lounging activities such as watching television or reading in bed. With an adjustable foundation, you can raise the head of the bed so that you don't have to prop up pillows to sit up comfortably. The mattress provides support for your back.

You can also use an adjustable bed to change your sleep position. The spine isn't meant to rest completely flat, though this is just what a standard foundation forces you to do. An adjustable bed eases much of the strain on your back by allowing you to sleep in a more ergonomically correct position. Sleeping in an angled position will also ease strain on your muscles, joints, and circulatory system.

Important Considerations

When you're purchasing adjustable beds, it's important to make sure you have all the necessary components. Not all mattresses are suitable for adjustable bed frames. Memory foam, innerspring, and latex foam are among the most common choices for an adjustable mattress. If your mattress is too stiff and firm, it won't flex properly with your adjustable foundation.

For the best fit, purchase your adjustable bed in conjunction with the manufacturer's recommended mattress. Sticking with the same brand, such as Sealy or Serta, for both the mattress and foundation will help you get the perfect pairing for comfort and functionality.

If you're not getting the comfort you need at night, adjustable beds from JCPenney may offer just what you need.

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