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Upgrade Your Travel Experience with New Checked Bags

Nothing is more exciting than going on a big vacation, but that excitement quickly turns into annoyance when you have to pack without the right essentials. The right checked bags can transform your experience. Whether you're a seasoned traveler who needs luggage to stand up to the test of time, or you take a trip once a year and economy comes first, JCPenney has checked bags to make your life a little easier.

Plenty of Choices in All Colors, Shapes, and Sizes

JCPenney carries a wide assortment of choices for buying checked bags for your next adventure. If you want your luggage to make a statement, check out luggage sets that come in all different colors and prints. If you want your luggage to be understated, then there are plenty of options for classic black luggage or luggage sets as well.

You used to have only the choice of size for your luggage, but now you have plenty of options. If you're planning on packing a lot, but need to stay under weight restrictions, a lightweight bag will help save you the over-sized baggage fees. Lightweight bags are also better for those who have to carry their bags up and down stairs or long distances. Water-resistant bags are perfect for travel since you never know how long your bag might sit out in the rain waiting to be loaded, or what your bag might come into contact with in the back of your vehicle or the cargo hold of the plane.

For some travelers, lockable luggage is essential for peace of mind that your valuables are locked up safely when your bag is out of your sight. Luckily, you have options for bags that have TSA-approved locks so you can keep your suitcase tightly locked while remaining TSA compliant.

Get All the Features to Make Your Travel Experience Easier

For your checked bags, some people prefer a retractable handle to pull their luggage behind them on two wheels, while others prefer the newer, spinner versions of luggage. These spinners have four wheels and enable you to pull your bag upright and turn it easily. These bags are usually more convenient for people who fly often, since it's easier to pull through the airport.

JCPenney also offers hard-sided and soft-sided luggage options. Hard-sided luggage tends to be more durable and lasts longer. The zipper is in the middle, and the baggage splits open. Some people like this type of luggage and find it easier to stay organized. For others, this kind of luggage tends to be bulkier and takes up too much space in hotel or guest rooms. Soft-sided, traditional luggage works better for their needs. Regardless of your preference, JCPenney has the right luggage for you.

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